We are at a crossroads in the sands of time

Is the way ahead clear?

tracks cross in the sahara desert

Today humanity is at a crossroads. Do we plunge into an abyss of failure precipitated by the short term greed of the few or do we take conscious responsibility for directing a future of prosperity for all and protection of our environment? Do we move towards a global society of freedom, justice and equality or towards repression, corruption and tyranny? Do we want a world of health and wealth for all, or a world of disease and poverty for many? Do we want sustainable use of natural resources or pollution and environmental catastrophe? Do we want an economy that is fair and just to all, or the extremes of massive wealth and abject poverty?

Let us examine the facts; there are no alternative facts. But to do this we must step back in time and start at the beginning. Then we will know how we got here and where we are surely going.

[1] Some ideas presented here draw upon, but may not represent, the work of John Stewart, see Evolution's Arrow. However, all opinions remain those of the present author.

There is a clearly observable direction to the evolution of the universe [1]

The entire universe has a fundamental tendency to evolve towards ever higher levels of organisation. From the primordial soup arose the elementary subatomic and atomic particles. Large clusters of matter condensed into nebulae, galaxies and solar systems. Groups of atoms formed first into simple chemical molecules then into the more complex precursors of life. Eventually the chemicals formed into single cell living organisms. Cells evolved into multi-cellular organisms of increasing complexity; fish, reptiles, birds, mammals and eventually humanity. Here we are. 

This trend is manifested in another way. Consider also the formation of shoals, swarms, flocks, herds, tribes, nations, confederations and the inevitable forthcoming global society. The move to a global society is a major cusp in the evolution of humanity and it would be wise for us to consider whether such a state should exist for the benefit of all and the preservation of the planet we live on or if we want a system in which resources are concentrated in the hands of the few and preservation of the environment takes second place to the relentless pursuit of unachievable constant economic growth based on economic models that are fundamentally flawed.

Evolution of knowledge[1]

Knowledge also evolves consciously and subconsciously, both within an individual and within society. Typically, knowledge evolves subconsciously at first. By trial and error, like evolution, we find out what works and what does not work. There then comes a time at which that subconscious knowledge become available as conscious knowledge about which we can reason. Once that point, known as the declarative transition[1], is reached, then knowledge in that field can advance rapidly. For example, the declarative transition for thought and inference, what constituted logical thought and what did not, was the transition that enabled the modern scientific era.

Evolving behaviour across generations is a slow process but the arrow of evolution can fly faster if members of a population adopt behaviours that accelerate the process by enhancing their own chances of evolutionary success.[1] Survival of the fittest. For this purpose the base desires of lust, greed and anger with their hedonic rewards so deeply rooted in the human psyche have enhanced the evolutionary success of humanity to the current advanced point. But these base desires are only proxies for evolutionary success and serve no further purpose now we have acquired the intellectual capacity to choose our own destiny.

Despite the existence of political science as a studied discipline the reality of global politics belies its existence. We lurch from one failed system to another. The time has come for us all to take a conscious part in the evolution of ourselves and our society. We must lay aside the evolutionary proxies of the past and, as individuals, consciously pursue goals suited to the present age. As groups of individuals we must evolve systems of sustainable global harmony. We must all take responsibility for our own actions and our own future.We cannot leave it to future generations because we are running out of time to save the planet from the residual evolutionary retards with their dinosaur politics of fear, greed and hatred. The time has come. We are at the crossroads.

Global capitalism, in its present form, is a cancer on humanity

Survival of the fittest is one guiding principle of evolution but so too is the principle that the parts must be subsidiary to the whole when a major new level of organization is reached. For example, the interests of a single cell are put aside in the formation of a multi-cellular organism. Cells which do not follow this principle are a cancer on the organism. So too, the interests of individuals must not take precedence over the interests of the whole if the transition to a global society is to be successful. For a healthy global society there must be a constant flow of resources and benefits to all people. That small number of individuals who seek to control power and resources solely for their own benefit are a cancer on humanity. The doctrines they follow are the doctrines of disease. In forming a global society there is a need to transcend the base animal instincts and adopt a strategy which is for the common good of all the people of the world and the planet we live on. Global capitalism, in its present form, is not such a system.

Let us examine the consequences of allowing current trends to continue unabated. Increasing automation of both physical and intellectual work will eventually replace us all with robots. No one is employed. To not re-distribute the wealth accruing from automation is nothing short of contempt for humanity. To share the wealth frees us all to be creative and advance the interests of the whole, including the interests of the wealthy.

A further disastrous consequence of the current trend is that the super rich will eventually squabble amongst themselves as they each try to wrest control of resources from each other in order to become the one supreme power. One person running the world with artificial intelligence and robots while the rest of us live in serfdom and poverty. How absurd. What credibility can there be in such a philosophy? This is not the way, our leaders must also be our servants.

Eradication or cure?

The abject stupidity, denial and ignorance of some current world leaders has shone a spotlight on all that is wrong in a world driven by global capitalism. We can see that the disease of capitalism threatens total destruction through environmental catastrophe and the promotion of war. The diseased organs or corporate lobbying are pouring their venom into the mechanisms of world government and weaker leaders are succumbing.

The analogy of global capitalism being a cancer suggests the idea that it must be cut out and destroyed. But analogies have a weakness by way of invalid inference. Just because cancer cannot be cured does not mean that global capitalism cannot be cured.

The consciousness of humanity is undeniably directed by the many, not by the few. When we all direct our conscious effort to eradication of the lies and alternative facts of the corporate cancer then the leaders of those countries still holding some vestige of democracy can be persuaded to become part of the solution not part of the problem.

The present system is destined to fail because it is contrary to the principles of cosmic evolution. The choice is between cataclysmic change with the old order swept into oblivion or peaceful change in which transformed elements of the old order survive. It is in the interests of those following misguided philosophies of the past, doomed to failure, to drop them and become part of a sustainabe future. It is now or never. We are at the crossroads.

Principles and priorities of a civilized society

Many of our present world leaders, including the leaders of large corporations, cling solely to the propensities of their lower nature and are little better than animals. They should be looked down on, not looked up to. Unless we have suppressed it inside ourselves, like the fools currently clinging to power, then we all know right from wrong. This knowledge has evolved within us precisely because it is conducive to an advanced collective society, the form predicated by evolution. To deny and suppress the higher principles of humanity is to degrade us all and drag us back to being primitive savages and animals. Let us review those true principles and priorities.
  1. Put people first
  2. Put the environment second
  3. Put the economy third

The choice

Whilst it is perhaps inevitable that we get it right one day, a lot of human suffering can be obviated by getting it right now. We stand on the cusp of a new age of global peace and well being, but only if we all go about it in the right direction.

The choice before us is a stark one: be an evolutionary retard steeped in the dinosaur politics of fear greed and hatred, destined for extinction through destruction of the planet, or be a part of the progressive move towards the common good of a just global society at peace and harmony with our environment. We are at the crossroads.

tracks cross in the sahara desert

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