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Peter Alexander Frazer

Peter Frazer


2017 03 25

Please try my new subtractive audio synthesizer and slightly updated versions of the basic and additive FM synthesizers.   These are intended as examples of how to synthesize music in a web page.   Please feel free to share via links or Facebook.

Subtractive synthesizer, Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer

Addidtive and FM synthesizer, polyphonic keyboard, simple accordion

Basic example, keyboard and theremin

2017 02 10

I have become sufficiently concerned by the current global political situation to put finger to keyboard.

Crossroads In The Sands Of Time

2016 12 04

I have been experimenting with the Web Audio API to synthesize music in a web page.  Here are a couple of examples

Main example

Basic example

2015 05 04

At long last I have revised my essay about musical tuning and added audio so you can listen to the tunings and explanations of how the Western musical scale came about. Enjoy!

The Development of Musical Tuning Systems

2014 12 07

And now for something completely different: a lissajous figures widget for your cell phone.

Lissajous figures, epicycloids, hypocycloids.

2013 07 14

By kind permission of Brad Doney, one of my fellow travellers on the 1980 trans-Africa journey, I am hosting the article Brad wrote on his return to Kingston, Canada.

Brad Doney: African Odyssey

2013 07 07

In 1980 I made a remarkable journey across the Sahara desert and through the Central African rain forest. Here are the pictures.

Trans Africa 1980

2013 06 23

Today I have added a short story for techies and others:

The Evolution of Consciousness

What would happen if a computer virus attained super-human intelligence and acquired all the knowledge on the internet? What potential exists for the improvement of human consciousness and how can it be attained?

2013 06 23

I am re-using my former business web site as a personal website to share stories, photos, articles and more.

If you are looking for the former Peter Frazer Consultancy, forget it, it is long gone.